PLC Migration

Welcome to our comprehensive PLC migration services page, dedicated to assisting industries in upgrading their automation systems with precision and efficiency. Our PLC migration expertise ensures a seamless transition from outdated PLC systems to modern, high-performance solutions, all while boosting your operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

PLC-5 to ControlLogix

The PLC-5 was released in 1986 and has been a very robust PLC. The PLC-5 was discontinued by Rockwell Automation in 2017. Rockwell no longer supports service or parts for the PLC-5. To remain a reliable process in the future, it requires migration to the ControlLogix platform. Also, the PLC-5 was programmed with an older RSLogix 5 software. ControlLogix are programmed with RSLogix 5000/Studio.

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PLC Migration

Why Opt for PLC Migration?

As technology advances, maintaining legacy PLC systems can hinder your business growth. Here’s why PLC migration is a strategic move:


Newer PLC systems offer enhanced compatibility with other technologies, allowing for smoother integration with Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Enhanced Performance:

Outdated systems often lack the capabilities required for efficient modern operations. Our PLC migration unlocks enhanced performance, faster processing, and improved response times.

Extended Lifespan:

Rather than replacing entire machinery, migration extends the lifespan of your equipment by integrating newer, more reliable PLC technology.

Ease of Use:

Generally speaking, most technicians are more familiar with RSLogix 5000. Giving them something they are familiar with can help improve efficiency and decrease mistakes. Start your migration today!

Reduced Downtime:

Our meticulous planning and execution minimize downtime during migration, ensuring uninterrupted production and reduced revenue loss.

Cost Efficiency:

Upgrading specific components through migration is often more cost-effective than a complete overhaul of your machinery. Save the time and money with a PLC migration. Schedule a consultation today.

PLC-5 to ControlLogix Options

Chassis Replacement

The first way to migrate a PLC-5 to ControlLogix is by replacing the CPU, chassis and I/O modules. This includes removing the existing wire from the PLC-5 I/O terminals and landing the wires back onto new ControlLogix I/O terminals. This is likely the preferred way for most customers, removing all the older hardware. This does require several days of the PLC being down to complete the demo and rewiring. This time is largely dependent on the total quantity of I/O in the project.

Logix Conversion Kit

The second way to migrate a PLC-5 to ControlLogix is by replacing the CPU, chassis and I/O modules with Rockwell automations migration hardware. This allows the customer to maintain the existing PLC-5 swing arms and avoid wiring termination time. This will save time on the conversion and create less down time for the PLC. The install cost would likely be about the same either direction.

Controller Logix Programming

SLC 500 TO Compact or ControlLogix platforms

The SLC 500 was released in 1991 and is a very popular PLC. Some of the SLC 500 PLC hardware is already obsolete or on the active mature list. Since its inception in 1991 there have been large developments in automation technology and Rockwell Automation have since released newer and faster systems. It is now time to make plans to migrate to the ControlLogix platform. Check out Rockwell Automations Life Cycle site to see if your PLC hardware is obsolete. Rockwell Automation Life Cycle

SLC 500 to ControlLogix